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Small & Medium Scale Industrial Area
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Applications for Land

Allocation of Plot Industrial Land in the Small & Medium Scale Industrial Area

  1. Must have a valid industrial license.
  2. Must have a valid preliminary approval of the project from the supreme Council For the environment & Natural Reserves. APPLY NOW
  3. Must complete an application from Industrial Land Request Application
  4. Must provide a preliminary industrial plan for the project.
  5. A cover letter of application for the company1s general manager addressed to the Director of the Department of Industrial Estates.
  6. Must provide a technical feasibility study supported with any documents and necessary materials illustrating the technology of production, number of employees, size of land requested, and all types of utilities needed by the project ( water, electricity, Natural Gas, Telephone, Sewerage, etc.).
  7. Must provide and submit whatever documents that proves the fact that the industrial project is not allocated any industrial land from other authorities in Qatar (Only application to existing industrial Project).
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