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The seminar includes two days of presentations and debates on such key issues as oil market stability
Small & Medium Scale Industrial Area
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Feel free to download the forms below in .pdf format.

Form Name
Industrial Licenses
Application Form for Industrial Project Expansion / Development
Application Form for Merger of the Industrial Establishments
Application Form for the Establishment Of an Industrial Project
Application Form for foreign Equity Participation Share in the Industrial Sector Exceeding 49%
Application Form for Identifying
Licensing Application Form for an Industrial Project Rename
Licensing Application Form for an Industrial Project Relocation
Registration in the Industrial Register
Application Form for Industrial Project Registration / Renewal in the Industrial Register Projects
Industrial Incentives
Exemption of Machinery and Spare Parts from Customs Import Duties
Application Form for Plant Power Supply
Exemption of Raw Materials - Packing Materials from Customs Import Duties
Industrial Area
Applications for Land
Building Permits
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