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Small & Medium Scale Industrial Area
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The Ministry (MOI)

Strategic Objective

The State of Qatar’s industrial strategy consists of the following:

  • Utilization of natural and intermediate resources to the highest possible levels and maxmizing value addition.
  • Diversifying income sources, especially industrial development as the second mainstream of Qatar economy.
  • Increasing the manufacturing industries’ contribution to Gross National Product.
  • Dissemination of industrial awareness, enable and expedite sustainable industrial development and self-reliance, assimilation of sceince and technology advancements, hence become more able and well adapted to export markets requirements, on the way to a semi-industrialized society, while keeping local values and traditions.
  • Contribute to the protection of global environment pursuant to Kyoto Protocol of 1997, and to the international economic stability by securing sizeable portion of long-term supplies of cleaner energy from liquefied natural gas.

To realize the above objectives the Ministry of Energy and Industry represented by Qatar Petroleum, the Department of Industrial Development (DID), the Department of Indsutrial Estates (DIE) and other Departments and Unites, under the State’s orientation for liberal and free economy, and political stability, hinge on the following:

  • Developing production in extraction of hydrocarbons industries.
  • Increasing Liquefied natural gas production capacity.
  • Raising industrial manufacturing sector exports value.
  • Increasing national workforce contribution to hydrocarbon and other basic manufacturing industries sector with emphasis on technical workforce.
  • Increasing contribution of manufacturing industries to the Gross National Product.
  • Investing private sector savings and financial surplus in industrial development through shareholding in industrial projects holding companies.
  • Increasing production capacities of existing petrochemical, chemical fertilizer and iron and steel plants.
  • Expanding Petroleum refining capacities.
  • Planning, establishing and completing industrial estates and infrastructures.
  • Attracting more foreign investments and enhancing cooperation with owners of modern technologies and extensive expertise.
  • Encouraging private sector contribution to the industrial development through provision of incentives and facilities.

To achieve these goals, the Ministry worked on improving investment climate in the industrial sector. The last few year have witnessed government supporting orientation and significant activity in development of the industry to bring about the above vision and goals represented in a set of encouraging encentives for industrial development and direct incentives to the industrial project:

Industrial development incentives:

  • Incentives in the form of laws, systems, procedures, institutions and joint stock compnies in the industrial field.
  • Offer of required facilities and problem solving.
  • Minimizing administratiive procedures and processes.
  • Identifying investors, acquainting them with investment opportunities and supply them with the required information.
  • Establishing and development of basic structures in industrial estates.
  • Liberal immigration rules for the import of specialized manpower for the project.

Incentives for the industrial project:

  • Supply of power, water and gas at competitive rates.
  • Allocation of land at nominal rental prices.
  • Exemption of plant and equipment, raw materials and packing materials from customs export duties.
  • Waiver of coroporate tax.
  • Exemption of froeign workers from income tax.
  • No restrictions or barriers on movement of individuals, corporate profits and capitals, in or out of the state.
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